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Co-Founders Oneyda Escobar & Jordan Urrutia

First Impressions Parking Solutions’ roots can be traced back to the historic Biltmore Hotel in Providence, RI where Co-Founder and Owner Jordan Urrutia first discovered his passion for hospitality and service as a leading valet and bell hop.

After venturing into a Human Resources career, Jordan still had a burning desire to return to the hospitality industry. After a job offer for his wife and Co-Founder, Oneyda Escobar, brought their family to the Twin Cities, the duo decided that this was the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate Jordan’s passion for serving others. Jordan was hired as a valet for one of Minnesota’s largest companies, being promoted to a manager in short time. At this moment, Jordan and Oneyda recognized a strong need for a Twin Cities valet company that had a deep passion for service and that put their customers and clients first, which led to the inception of First Impressions.

Today, First Impressions has grown to be a vital part of its clients’ daily operations and success, and has made many private events into memorable experiences. Our company’s foundation has been built upon an insatiable hunger to deliver the highest quality customer service, which is a virtue that we proudly execute and stand by to this day.